How to advertise dating site on Facebook?

Challenges is the part of the business. Industries around the world are facing one or the other problem. When you are thinking about launching your own dating business then measures need to be taken beforehand.

The initial steps included when introducing new business is a website development and mobile application development. The website and application must look appealing, unique, user-friendly, functional and easily monetizable. To build successful and effective website or app you should use some themes and plugins. Some of the best design-based websites and applications examples are Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, etc.


With the positive development of the product, the next step will be marketing – reaching out to a vast target audience and increasing traffic. Some of the basic components involved in digital marketing are SEO, Content marketing, SMM, SEM, Affiliate marketing, Email marketing and much more.

One of the widely used platforms is social media and to find a large number of targeted audiences go for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Messenger, etc. Now, you are launching dating apps, know the social network precisely with their rules and regulations in advertising of services and business. Here’s your short and simple guide on how to advertise your dating site on Facebook.

Guide 1: Check your dating solution comply with Facebook rules and regulations

A complete set of rules and regulations or call it entire policy is provided by Facebook. If you are trying to advertise your dating site on Facebook then avail yourself of these guidelines very precisely otherwise your advertisement will be discarded instantly, without any second thought. Some of the words that are refused instantly are – 

  • Adult friend finder, types of services;
  • Mail-order bride, type of services.

Other than words some of the other things that should not be part of your advertisement is – 

  • Pixelated or blurred images;
  • Selfies images, where any person is photographing themselves;
  • For the promoted service don’t use the texts that suggest a person has been or will be searched for or interacted;
  • Fooling suggestions should not be part of advertising like – “5 women have already searched for you!”;
  • Any text that shows the connection between Facebook Messenger and a promoted service will be prohibited;
  • No display of any references on specific ages or age ranges.

Guide 2: Become dating service provider by submitting the application

Advertisements of dating sites on Facebook will include first become part of the dating service provider. To do so, fill out the application processing the information, putting out the information clearly and being transparent with the services. To ensure transparency, Facebook will check your website is no scam and any user will connect and pay off for genuine services. So, it will be suggested to share the site and application to Facebook.

Guide 3: Facebook Ad must be consistent with a dating service

All the above steps are accomplished profoundly and you are ready to go on with the Facebook Ad, follow these instructions for the target audience.

  • Create your Ad from the Ads Manager and move on to the Ad set to define your audience.
  • The next step for the dating site on Facebook includes clicking the text field next to detailed targeting. Search for single and select Single> Relationship status and Relationship status unspecified. 
  • Just below the Detailed Targeting section, click on the Narrow Audience directly.
  • If you are interested in any other interests then add it.

Guide 4: Choose the language of dating site on Facebook carefully

As we know images hold some specific guidelines in the same way language or content presentation is also very important. Present your services without leading to profanities, vulgarities and insults rather clearly state the advertisement with fictitious characters or specific individuals.

Use of caps or any other intrusive ways of presenting text or using any attempts at directly requesting user attributes or indicating any age is prohibited. Some of the options that can be used are –

  • Looking for a girlfriend?
  • Find a date today!
  • Looking for love? We are here to help you!

Other than factors that need to be considered when starting a campaign or advertisement for the dating site here is the objective for better reach out.

  1. Use your business for branding with the awareness ideas included in blogs and social media. It will help you in boosting your posts, promoting your page, reaching people and increasing brand awareness.
  2. Consider using Google Ads option, sending users to the site, work on video views and raise your attendance at the event. With the consideration, you can collect leads for your business and manage everything in the budget and remember Facebook tries to optimize the CPC or CPM if the bid is used as automatic.
  3. Dating sites on Facebook will help in conversion but using other sources can also lead to benefits only. Use multiple ways to engage users on-site and make them install the services instantly without a glitch. Facebook helps in conversions of websites with optimization not on clicks but based on conversion pixels.


You can go on with vast experiences with the dating site on Facebook and without any further due you’ll find an army of clients. Complying with all rules and regulations doesn’t mean you’ll be approved at once rather you have to try again by not getting panicked. With faults and mistakes only means something is missing and complex rules must be taken care of. There may be another reason that the person accepting the ad didn’t do their job properly.

Such cases are rare to happen but there is still the option to contact the Facebook support or resolution center usually solves the issue. Communicate with Facebook and request a repeat consideration or you can set up a different ad group, with different texts, targeting and images and this way you can significantly increase the chance of success.

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