Dating business ideas: board game lovers

Dating business ideas were never easy to find and they will never be as relationship requires patience, time and understanding. There are different things that people love to do in free time and business can use it to create new dating business ideas. One of that hobby is board games.

So how could you use this in your dating business? If your customers love board games, you should offer a possibility to compose dating and playing board games at the same time.

You might create weekly challenges where your dating site users can play board games during dates and share picture of their activity on Instagram with a specific hashtag. Also, you can give presents (for example a second week board game) for the winners of the weekly challenge. In this way you will increase you dating site awareness and you will attract more customers.

But what games can your dating site users play other than Monopoly that can help couples and newly began couples to enjoy together? There are non-computerized games that are less about figuring about the strategy and more about figuring about your partner!

And this sound of the game will be an idea of a playful, fun and simple example of a game – Codenames. This is where both partners work together by feeding each other clues to guess what the other is thinking. Well, it will definitely make your dating site users have fun, laughter and maybe a little bit of frustration too when working out the things.

Board games are for everyone and so we have a pick for new gamers and more advanced players compatible with the friends and couple both. The idea of bonding will encourage you to explore dating business ideas of board games that will bring a good chance to connect on a level that perhaps you haven’t in a while.

If you need some board game ideas for this challenge, here are some of the favorite games for inserting a little fun into your dating site users romance.

1. I’ve Never Ever

One of the daring and entertaining games that gives the insight to get to know your partner very well. If you are ready for a wild ride then enjoy the game of I’ve never as it’s an insane and funny way to break the ice and challenge each other with mind-blowing questions. This way you can learn about each other the way you never knew each other.

2. Tables Topics – Couple edition

One of the favorite games at dinner parties is Table Topics, which is also available in a couples edition. The dating business ideas include such editions and via this, you’ll learn about your partner and that bonds both as one. The book contains 135 questions including – ‘what possession of your partner’s would you like to throw away,’ and ‘what are the dumbest arguments you ever had.’

3. Monogamy

This is the game of intimacy on an emotional and high level. It includes 400 seductive ways and ideas through three levels of play, giving both the partners the opportunity to make your fantasies a reality.

4. Do tell

A natural ice breaker that will make you easily spill the beans and connect on a deeper level. It allows unfolding the hidden talents with the demonstration. The game begins with ‘tell’ cards inviting you to open up about what is going on in that head of your risk cards and up the ante about challenging subjects like wild cards and more.

5. Authenticity

No matter at what stage your relationship is, authenticity is all about what you need for building a solid bond. Each player turns to answer questions with a guess and there are 280 questions over seven categories. Life, finance, family, situation, action, romance, and religion are the categories of dating business ideas that help you have a fun, non-competitive way to get to know each other.

6. Match-mate

A board game that includes over 1000 featured questions that provoke the mind and categorized in four – memory, personality, sensuality and odds & ends. To enjoy it, you have to play the game and let others enjoy it too.

7. Our moments

This is the game that is all about starting a conversation between you and your partner. Via this you can learn and connect by playing our moments – a game filled with thought-provoking cards designed to bring you and your partner closer than ever.

8. The Discovery game

The dating business ideas knew what is required and what is necessary to maintain the relationship together for years. The Discovery game is the best and unique way to feel connected like married couples. It’s a date in the box – simply an excuse for you and your partner to enjoy the weekend leading to a series of quality time.

9. Hanabi

A cooperative card game in which players work together and create the most impressive fireworks display possible by building sets. It’s a game in which the partner holds it backward so that only your partner can see it. In the game, your partner reads down the specific clues and explains to the partner and ultimately victory lands in a very cryptic way.

10. Catan

This game will make you feel addicted and your life will be altered after playing the game. The simple strategy is to collect resources to build settlements, expand roads and eventually build the relationship. The resources can be exchanged and can be enjoyed without any interruptions.

The list is ongoing as according to people they have a much better idea of playing and enjoying the evening with their loved one. But according to the studies and research – a healthy game and change in the relationship bring the light and excitement that keep the relationship going part of the dating business ideas.

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