Using Google Analytics to improve dating business

Google Analytics is another important tool offered by Google free of charge for your website. With this tool you can monitor traffic and view them in a graphical form. At a glance, you would not understand the importance of Google Analytics in improving website traffic, but only to see a representation of data. In this article, we are going to see how data in Google Analytics can be used to improve the quality of your dating site.Google Analytics is one of the most popular freemium tools in the market today to track and report website traffic. It was launched by Google in 2005 November after its acquisition, Urchin, which was relaunched as Google Analytics. Google Analytics works best when integrated with Google AdWords. This is also a tool offered by Google, in tracking SEO related keywords in your website. Most of the users do not fully understand the importance and uses of Google Analytics. However they consider it as a tool to only monitor website traffic and graphical representations of it. When these data are utilized correctly, Google Analytics helps to create effective strategies to target customers into your dating site.

Identify where the traffic is coming from

From the data collected by Google Analytics regarding the location of the visitors, especially the city they are from, you can understand people in which regions are mostly interactive users with the content of your dating site. It doesn’t matter the locality you are in or the location you are operating your dating site from. When it is an online business, you are likely to expect visitors from all over the world. Hence, based on the location(s) where the most number of traffic is coming from, you can create marketing campaigns. These could be promotions and discounts, offline events such as parties or get-togethers. You can identify any specialty in that area and use that to market online content. This is one of the biggest areas in Google Analytics website owners can use, but miss when formulating their marketing strategy.

Where do the users linger the most?

When new pages are created on your site, you can identify which types of pages users visit the most using Google Analytics. This piece of information is very important. Based on the pages users visit the most, the website owner can identify the type of content that keeps the user mostly interested and engaging with the website. It is important that notice is given to such content and promote more and more of them as the visitors will increasingly be engaged with such content. This will in return bring you new customers into the site. Especially in the online dating arena, this topic is one of the most interesting topics to populate a business around. However, due to the demand for this topic, there are numbers of new websites being created around this every day. When you post about different topics around online dating and when people start responding to them, you can identify the content which interests the visitors the most. Hence, try to create more content around these identified topics.

What does Exit pages mean?

By using Google Analytics you can identify what are the Exit pages or the pages from which the user navigates to another site or closes the window. These pages you have to reconsider as they are the pages filled with content the users are not interested of. When running a dating site, you could have online content or profiles of the eligible bachelors in a particular area. Check in both the scenarios what type of pages the users exit the website mostly from. Think of a method to re-do the pages or the content so that visitors are still engaging with the content. Meaning, they are interested in the page and will continue to browse it.

Browsers and Operating Systems of the visitors

Website owners most of the time do not understand the importance of this information. However, the most popular types of browsers or the operating systems your visitors use to access the site play an important role about the lifespan of your dating site. If the browser and operating system mostly used by your visitors are different to the ones you usually use in testing and operating your site, it is about time you troubleshoot your website in these browsers and operating systems. Because not all web features are compatible with all the browsers and operating systems available. Check whether all the functions are working fine. This factor determines whether or not a visitor will come back again into your site as the smoothness and efficiency of your website play an important role in getting a returning visitor into your site.

Behaviour Flow Report

One of the main graphical representations in Google Analytics is the Behaviour Flow report. Here the site owners can identify the flow of pages or from which page to which users navigate from, on which pages they stay the most and from which pages they exit the site from. For example, when a user enters your site to the home page, then navigates to the News section and then to the Blog inside News section. If his happens often with most number of users, then it would be best to change it. Put a direct link to the Blog section of your website on the home page and on the footer so that even if they enter the site through another page, they can easily access the Blog. Likewise, identify user paths in your site, and the end pages or sections where they stay the most. Make sure these sections are easily accessible and they can easily find them in the sitemap.

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