Best Marketing Tips to Boost Your Online Dating Site

You might be spending hours on filling up your dating site with content, yet no one visits your site. You might be lost as to how to boost the number of visitors coming to your site. Here are a number of top marketing methods to lure in customers into your dating site.Online dating industry is getting competitive day by day. Every day more exciting dating sites and online content relating to dating appear on the internet in hundreds of gigabyte. Making your dating site stand among the rest of the sites is nowadays a bit of nightmare. You would be spending hours and hours creating content in your site, trying all the methods of marketing, creating strategies to boost traffic, purchasing tools to bring in more visitors and all of them feel like the efforts are going down the drain with no visible results. You might be hitting your head to find out where you are going wrong and what else you can try. If you open up the internet and search for ways to market your dating site to customers, you would end up with a million ways to do it. But surely, you cannot try all that. In this article, we are showing you the most effective methods out there to guide you into marketing your site to thousands of customers and to actually gain millions in traffic every day.

It all starts with your business model

First and foremost, it is important that you think through the business model for your site. What type of services do you offer and how are you planning to earn money from it? The most popular business models used by dating sites and the most suitable are subscription-based model and advertising based model. Using the subscription-based model, your visitors will pay you a termly fee for exclusive content. With the advertising-based model, your visitors will have free access to the content, but you will earn revenue off of the advertisements that are displayed on the site. If you are a newbie in the dating arena, it would be difficult at first to earn revenue off from a subscription-based model, as visitors may hesitate to spend on a new site while there are other gigantic dating sites in existence. But you could differentiate from them by offering cheaper subscriptions, discounts and promotions. When a visitor comes into your site, give them a peek of your interesting content for free, the content you know will definitely make a visitor come back to your site or will purchase your subscription. Put yourself in the shoes of a new visitor when making this content; would it be interesting for you? Would you come back for more? Would you purchase my subscription? Get feedback from your friends about the content you are putting in.

The power of social media marketing

But, how are you going to bring in customers to your site? Using an effective marketing strategy is important if you want to do that. Social Media is one of the definite ways to go in if you want people to know about your site. Using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter advertisement campaigns can make people be aware of your site. Create an advert with catchy content and images. A viewer of the article will definitely visit the site to explore more. The advantage of using social media is that you can customize your marketing campaign to target only the correct audience you are looking to bring into your site, unlike other marketing methods. For example, if you want only single males and females in the age parameter of 21 to 60 to visit your site, you can do so when creating the advertisement and selecting the target audience, especially in Facebook. Social Media Endorsements through influential people, also known as Influential Marketing is another effective method of attracting visitors. This could be costly as you might have to pay influential people or give your services to them for free. However, if an effective influencer with the social media fan base similar to the clientele you are looking for agrees to endorse your site, you may end up with a full return on investment in no time. People tend to believe a lot of things social media influencers promote. Hence, this is another definite method you should try to increase traffic to your site.

The importance of SEO

Social media is a great method to market your dating site. However, it is also important that the content in your site attracts customers when they search for it online. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the definite methods any online content creator must try to boost website visits. SEO together with Google AdWords, where you promote your site as an advertisement when certain terms are searched on the internet, is the best strategy to secure the customers who are looking up “Online Dating” on the internet. You can find more information about it in our Google AdWords for dating site promotion article. For these two methods to work smoothly, it is important that your dating site is filled with exciting content. Then visitors would bookmark your site and recommend their friends also to try it out.

Above, we have discussed a number of marketing tips for your dating site. You can bring in visitors to your online dating site by covering two media where the customers mostly are available; social media and online search results. These are the most effective mediums where you can target most number of visitors to your site. You should cover these areas first so that your business model can keep visitors coming into check-out the interesting content. When these mediums are covered you can also touch upon offline marketing methods such as leaflets, billboards, etc. to reach to a wider customer base.

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