Christmas gift ideas for someone you just started dating

Christmas is regarded as one of the most romantic times of the year and even though you have just met someone on a dating platform and started dating them, still you need to give them a small Christmas gift to show your affection. Thus, it is important to opt for the right Christmas gift ideas. You need to go for something which isn’t too generic and neither too personal. It shouldn’t be something very cheap to make them think you aren’t the right one for them nor something extremely costly making your date think that you are coming out too strong. Going for the right Christmas gift ideas is important to strike the right balance.

So, what are some of the amazing Christmas gift ideas you should go for?

Book tickets for an event

As you have just started dating, it is very important for you to get to know one another and spend some time together. So, it is suggested that you opt for shows which are worth looking at the time of Christmas. Make sure you buy the tickets from beforehand as the sales are higher during festive season. Giving someone a ticket few weeks before the sow is a generous spirit and it also showcases your intention that you want to see them in the future.

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Something personalized – made by you

No matter you are a Picasso by birth or you love to write verses of your own- giving your new date something personalized is a warm and loving gesture. It shows your creative part and how thoughtful you are for them. It also showcases the time and effort you have put in their gift.

DIY Christmas gift

A souvenir from date

You may have had some loving memories, some amazing chats which symbolizes your special dates before and online meetings. It can work as a poignant reminder by just collecting the snapshots of your chats and getting them scraped on a book. Or you can reserve another date on Christmas in the same restaurant where you have had your first date. Rejuvenate your memories and admire your previous date through this.

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Share something special

If you don’t have a lot of experience with gifts and you don’t know what your date will like, then go for the basics. A special bottle of wine with luxury chocolates could be an amazing start. You can also cook a special meal for your date and enjoy it with candles and soft music. It will deepen your connection.

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Compilation of music

For as long as you know what your date likes to hear and which band or music he/ she is a fan of, you can pretty much do this for them. Choose the songs which suit your situation in the most appropriate manner. Express through music about how you feel for him/ her. Put your personal taste too to demonstrate your sensitivity. Let love flow in the mixing- the format of the tracks and the story they unravel.

Whether you choose to go all retro and compile the songs in a tape or use the modern methods likes locating the songs online and making your own playlist on YouTube, both ways will work amazingly well for you. You can also share the songs on the media deices. It is the best way to enhance romance, happiness and sharing in your relationship on the day of Christmas.

Make sure you give the gift from the right place

One of the most important Christmas gift ideas is not about just gifting. It is about gifting from the right place without any expectation of return. Do not be obliged to give anything. Spending money on something you cannot afford to impress your date isn’t a good idea. It will never strengthen your relationship. Be genuine with your gift and only spend on the items which you can really afford for him/ her. Spend time with your date, go for a walk or just spend time in listening to them. It is the most precious gift to give.

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A gift card

Do you know about the things that your date appreciates? Do you have any idea if he is a gamer? If your date loves to game, then gifting steam gift card is an amazing option. Or if your date loves to shop online, then you can possibly gift them an online gift card from Amazon. Other than this, there are several coupons and cards from other shopping websites which can procure for your date. Several online dating sites tie up with brands and shopping websites to provide you these gift cards.

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Headphones which have great sound quality

He may have told you in the beginning about his love for music. But, you may have noticed that his headphones aren’t very nice. If you think that his headphones are crappy, then you can possibly gift a good set of headphones to have a good music experiences. Getting one with cool features like noise cancelling will surely make him very happy.

headphones christmas gift


Bluetooth operated speakers are quite in vogue. They will serve as a sweet gift idea and a perfect reminder of Christmas gift to your date. Online dating sites offer plethora of Christmas gift ideas to new couples. You can check out the offers on the dating sites too to get some ideas.


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