Dating websites for introvert: all you need to know about this

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding introverts. Generally, people tend to think that a person who is depressed, withdrawn, unhappy or shy is an introvert. To understand what kind of dating websites for introvert is needed we have to describe an introvert.

How to describe an introvert?

  1. An introvert is a person who chooses their words carefully so that other could understand them well;
  2. That is a person who have an imagination power for the inner worlds;
  3. An introvert embraces solitude;
  4. An introvert person is more focused and can process great volume of data in a given time;
  5. This person is a better listener;
  6. Most introverts prefer to think carefully before acting impulsively.
  7. Introverts have better IQ and smart understanding skills;
  8. Most introverts look for reasons to interact with a person & shyness has nothing to do with it.

An introvert is a person who thinks carefully before making decisions. It doesn’t mean that they are afraid of people, they just have a different approach. So, a dating website dedicated to introverts must be prepared with great care and dedication. It must include every possible feature that can provide a free and interactive atmosphere to introverts while they date online.

What type of dating website an introvert needs?

Dating websites for introverts is an excellent idea. Introverts generally don’t strike a conversion unless they have a reason for it. With dating apps and websites exclusively designed keeping the introverts in mind, the anxiety and pressure of starting a conversation is eased off from their shoulders.

Since, a lot of people still have misconceptions regarding introversion therefore dating websites should be more specific about what exactly it means. An introvert would love to join a website that understands his or her needs better. Introverts are generally worried about competing with extroverts. So, instead of creating a website where you have to push your introverts towards extroversion, try to respect their introversion.

Basically, introverts are interested in two forms of dating experience. One is dating an extrovert, someone different from their nature & second is dating someone with similar mindset i.e. dating an introvert. So, a website for introverts must have both options available for them. The more options they would have, the better they can explore their needs.

Offer of activities

Dating can be awkward and nervous for everyone not just for introverts. But, meeting a stranger on an online website can be more comforting still the pressure of starting an interesting conversation is there. For an introvert, dating websites must offer activities, games or challenges for couple to perform or to take part in together. This will give them something to talk about. This way, while introverts take part in an activity with their date, the side by side discussions or chats might flow more easily.

Thus, it is very important to study the needs, expectations and desires of an introvert from a dating platform online, before you start one, purely dedicated to them.

How to build dating websites for introverts?

Here are a few ideas that can help you in building a successful website for the introverts –

Study introversion

It is very important to study the aspects and characteristics of introversion carefully. It is very important to understand the true nature and feeling of an introvert. Dating is personal matter therefore to a successful website dedicated to introverts for dating purposes, it is very important to understand introversion deeply. Unless and until, a person is not able to understand the type of audience he or she is targeting, they cannot identify their demands and expectations.

Discovering expectations

If you are targeting a specific type of audience then you must know their needs and expectations from an online dating portal. You can perform researches to understand the kind of features an introvert might look for, on your portal. You can make the list of every possible expectations and then short-list it into interesting features to make your website engaging and fun.

Getting Feedback

It is very important to discuss your ideas and thoughts with a few professionals or friends who are introverts. They can provide you the best feedback on your website design and features. You can conduct a test by preparing a sample website and share it in a group of introverts. This will help you in receiving important feedbacks and suggestions that can help you in building a successful dating website for the introverts.

Thus, these are some of the steps that can help you in making right choices while building a dating website for introverts.

Best dating websites for introverts:


Single and shy people are very fond of the dating website called – Match. Over 40 million people have signed up on the website. It lets you sort your picks on the basis of personality traits, education, religion, sex, gender and lifestyle habits. It offers additional efficient tools to make your conversations less awkward and more engaging, which makes it very famous amongst the introverts.

Single and Shy

As the name suggests, this site launched in 2009 is purely dedicated to introvert gents and ladies. Its main mission is to provide a stress-free environment where shy people can easily connect with each other. If you are not a fan of face to face dating, then Single and Shy is the best option for you.

Shy Dating

Just a quick sign up and everything is done by the website for you. It provides you with choices that you might like. It’s the best website for introverts as it encourages shyness! Introverts are welcomed to have a good time and can freely be themselves without a pinch of hesitation.

There are a hundreds of reputed dating websites for introverts but these are quite popular amongst the shy people.

Best online dating apps for introverts

Nowadays, you have a perfect application for all your needs on your smartphones. You must have heard about dating apps such as Tinder but here is a list of some of the most famous online dating apps for introverts –


Anomo is all keeping dating casual and easy. So, if you are too shy to get seriously involved then this is the best place for you to find dates.


Its not necessary that an introvert would be interested in dating an introvert only. OkCupid is all about providing an easy and open ambience where people can find their true partners.

These apps are designed after keeping the need of an introvert in mind. You can try any of them without experiencing any troubles.

Online dating is already gaining enormous popularity and a website or application completely dedicated to serve the needs of the introverts will definitely enjoy a promising future, if built well.

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