Top 5 options to build an online dating website with WordPress?

Online dating websites have become quite popular in the recent times. The reason behind the immense success of these websites is that they have made it easier for the people out there to find a partner for themselves. With the dating websites, people can easily get to find likeminded people and hookup or even go for a long distance relationship with them. This is one of the reasons why there are so many new players that are starting their own online dating websites. They have come up with online websites and in a very short time are able to garner audience for their website as well.

But when you are looking to start an online website, the first thing that you need is a quality theme that is able to make an impact on the audience. When your website has a smart and classy look, it is sure to make an impact on the audience which is why you shall be careful about the same. One of the best ways to do it is by building an online dating website with WordPress.  There are so many themes that are available with WordPress to make things easier and simpler for you.  To help you further on this very facet, here is a look at top 5 options for themes when you talk about WordPress dating themes:

How good is Sweet date?

One of the most popular options as far as the WordPress themes are concerned is sweet date.  It has almost everything that you need in order to build a website with WordPress which is why it is in top of our list. If you want to build an online community along with the dating website, you can integrate it with Buddy press and you are all set to go.

There are so many advantages when you design an online dating website with WordPress with Sweet date. The developers have recently added a tab for pro membership registration so that you can easily get to offer subscription and membership to your audience. Most of the people design the dating website in order to make money and so safe and secured payment gateway is integrated in the theme. There are gateways like PayPal and PayU integrated in the theme to make things easier for you. Facebook and Google signup is also provided in order to make it easier for the users to sign up. For authenticity of the users, two step verification is also there in the plug-in which makes it ideal for any dating website. Security and privacy are also taken care of to make members feel safe and secure on your dating website.

How about creating a Love story?

When you opt for Love Story for building an online dating website with WordPress, then you are probably having the most feature rich theme. The theme is quite popular across the globe because of the extensive features that it offers to its audience. The first thing with this theme is that it multiplies the beauty and texture of your website which is always a priority for you as a website owner.

The other aspect which makes it so popular is the extended features that are there on the offer with live chat and calls option. These features are liked by the users as it gives them an instant opportunity to connect with their loved ones. The theme is also very easy to customize that makes things even easier for you. The theme also provides filter options for the users to have the best and likeable results which make it quite popular amongst them.

What about going for Seeko?

This theme is a community based theme and is one of the most stylish themes that you will come across when you are looking to design an online dating website with WordPress. This theme is immensely popular because of its looks and designs that create quite an impact on the audience. Another thing with this theme is that it is quite easy to export the content that is pre built into your website and start working.

It also gives you the option to customize the pages as per your choice but even the default theme is so good that people rarely look to customize. It has also got the option to monetize and has subscription option as well available for you. You can easily provide paid memberships and subscriptions to your members when you opt for Seeko which is why it is one of the leading players in the market.

Would you like the Dating theme?

When the name itself is dating theme, you probably know the kind of impact that it is going to make. When you design your online dating website with WordPress, going for the dating theme is quite a good option for you. One of the best features of the theme is that it is quite interactive something that audiences get to prefer. The site also has monetizing option in case you are looking to make money from your dating website.

How about going for the Verodate?

Verodate may not be one of the most established names but the way it has come up in the past two years is just remarkable. It provides you onlinedating website with WordPress that has everything in it. From remarkable and classy looking websites to the extensive features, it is short on nothing. This is why most of the people these days turn to Verodate when it comes to website designing with a WordPress plug-in. There is also an option to monetize your website as most of the owners are generally looking to make money with dating websites. The payment gateway is safe secure and easy to use for the audience. It is looking to provide an easy passage and has number of payment options. The theme is also customizable so that you can set it as per your choice and needs. It also has some extended features like interactive voice and video chat.

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