Online dating advertising: best tips

Today, online dating is a billion-dollar sector and every month you get around 450,000 hits on the keyword “online dating”. So, how do online dating website battle it out to get the highest hits for their sites? Online dating advertising! Well, more than 2000 companies who are running for the keyword over the last 1 year, there are some proven techniques and tips to get more attractive for your targeted audience.

Some of the best tips for online dating advertising

Dating business being hyper competitive isn’t just about getting sign-ups for their offering. The aim is to get to the top of online dating business. Go for affiliates for your dating sites and get singles to sites website through those who affiliate for you.

Your ads should be related to your niche, strategy, objective. You cannot place ads out of the order and wish people to come to your site.

Domain name

A lot of people don’t pay much attention to domain name. This is the URL displayed with your ad. It has a big impact on attracting people creates a degree of trust as per Consumer Reports. It means that name of the domain and site URL is one of the best online dating advertising you can start with.

Call to action

Make sure you include a call to action on your ads so that it tells people what to do when they reach to the website. Offer sign up for free and reviews of your site to your clients.

Facebook and Google Ads

Indeed, Facebook is quite useful for the marketing of dating ventures, but surely there is a catch. The biggest social network poses a lot of limitations and rules when it comes to advertising dating sites. Make sure you post ads in different age groups on the platform to gather all types of audiences to your dating site. Focusing on the age of your target audience helps you gather more traffic for your site. Imagine if you have a dating site for seniors, then what will teenagers to there. Hence, marketing for the right age group is very important.

Your ads should be related to your niche, strategy, objective. You cannot place ads out of the order and wish people to come to your site.

Usually the ads for dating sites are permitted with explicit authorization from Google and Facebook. The social media restricts the placement of dating site ads which emphasizes on dating. Hence, if you are looking for ads for dating sites, then consider mentioning it. It implies an adult kind of interaction and thus needs an audience of that kind.

In dating ads try to use pictures of good quality and the last rule of online dating advertising, don’t post selfies.

Targeting audience

In order to pass the approval of Google and Facebook, there are certain regulations for target stage of the ad. You have to create separate ads to target different people, men and women if you want to reach all demographic audience. You should use the steps given below:

  1. Set the relationship tabs “Single” “Married” or “Not Specified”.
  2. Put the sex parameter “Male” “Female” “Bisexual” “Gay”
  3. Set the age parameter “18 years” “teenager” “Senior”
  4. Set the hobbies parameter “interested in friendship” “interested in relationship”


Just like the pictures, the language should also follow the standard guidelines. Use words which are decent and expected to hit the minds of people. Don’t go for vulgarities, insults to any particular gender or ethnicity or profanities. Include texts which clearly state your objective and motive of placing the ad and make sure you don’t use any fictitious character or name of any celeb which are not related to your site in any way. It may create a problem for your site. Also, look out for the keywords most searched for and try using them in your ads and texts to gather more and more audience to your site.

Way of writing

Don’t go for intrusive ways of presenting your ads. Just attempt to keep it simple and use attributes which are quite popular in the masses. Make sure you mention the age group, if your site is specific to one to avoid getting false clicks on your site. Along with it, your ad should also mention the name of the site you are advertising for.


Going by the past experiences of online dating advertising, it is important to comply with all the regulations. At times you don’t get approved in your first attempt. Hence, it is important to hire a professional marketing and advertising company for this reason. You don’t have to panic. Make sure the company you should is a professional in this. You can also speak to Google Support or Facebook Support to know about it in detail.

Apart from considering the regulations of advertising, you can set different ads using different texts, images and target audience. It gives you a wider opportunity to reach out to your target audience. It also enhances your chances of acceptance which significantly adds to your chance of success. So, without wasting a single moment, just indulge in online dating advertising for your venture and attract new users.

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