Free or fee: when and how to charge your members

Gone are the days when girls and boys used to meet with each other on any special occasion or family function. With technology getting high-tech day by day, many changes are coming in society and way of living. These days, online dating site is getting much popular as is is easy to use and most importantly you can easily search for your “Someone Special” without any trouble.

There are so many dating apps which you can prefer out of which some are free and some are chargeable. Online dating site is one of the best way through which you can easily earn good amount of money by charging membership fee. At time of launch you must not charge any fees as instead of attracting new members, it will decrease the number of visitors.

There are many benefits of investing in mobile apps such as better profit margin, large number of visitors, easy to use interface, direct and live customer support and much more.

What things should be kept in mind to decide price?

There are number of things which you must keep in mind in order to decide the price for your product. The first thing, look what your competitors are charging for the same service that you are or will be offering. Try to compare the price of the product.

Along with this, work for the value having endless results for all your members. Also survey the audience and members to find out what price they can pay. Not only this, also think about your market value and where you want to see yourself in market.

You can go with 1:2:1 to support group. In fact, you can charge more if you support high profile group. Also work on number of members you want to have and like and after that determine membership due. All these things will make decisions pretty easy and less time consuming.

How is free online dating site membership helpful?

There should be no barrier in joining as it is one of the best and most effective ways of growing your online dating site membership quickly and most importantly in less time. This way is easy to consider and result orient. Plus, there is no need to worry about anything.

Paying members will likely bring revenue for your online dating site. You can offer some additional perk to the due of charging members. You can even organize some free events for those members who are paying dues.

When should you start charging?

Never launch any new group by starting off with membership fee. No one will pay in any such group which has only 1 member or even 5. You must not charge membership fees until the group is full with other members and is thriving.

Thriving here means people who are joining on daily or weekly basis and people are participating in chatting in forums and attending other people. The more members you will have the more valuable your group will become.

How can you easily convert traffic into real time registered users?

There are many ways through which you can convert traffic into permanent users. One of them is having a responsive and effective online dating site. This means if any user comes at your dating website then the resolution of the website will be converted automatically depending on the type of screen.

No matter whether a user is visiting  the website from a tablet, a mobile or an iPhone they will get best, right and comfortable viewing experience. The main reason why people are coming at your website is that they find it to be interesting and unique. Cut down additional steps to make registration process little easy and time efficient in order to get more potential and real users.

So, if you do all these things you will definitely get better and increased number of profiles in your online dating site.

Should your customers get 24/7 hour service?

This is something very important. You need to ensure that all your membership users are getting every facility within time. They should get service at any time and minute they want. If you offer on time services then a number of paid members should increase and bring more members.

So, charging members is a thing that you should carefully consider. Decide, what kind of services you are planning to provide and decide your pricing strategy. Not all the things are suitable for all businesses. Analyze your own business and choose what’s best for your online dating site!

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