WordPress plugins for online dating: how to choose right?

It is quite much hectic task to set up an online dating website. One of the most essential things off these websites are its security. However, if you had already thought of designing a online dating website then go with it. It is a simple yet powerful to find partners. You need to setup your online dating website on a WordPress setup which is quite easy as it has support of lot of plugins. These WordPress plugins for online dating can help you achieve different types of functionalities.

Which are the best WordPress plugins for online dating?


It is one the of all premium WordPress plugins for online dating, but it is not for free. It offers features like selling membership subscription, user registration, user profile, security options. This will help you to create various type of membership so people can have free as well as premium accounts. The best thing is that to operate it you don’t need much technical knowledge and professional support is included in the package.


It is developed officially by WordPress developers. It is a kind of authority software and can help you run member-based forum or website. Its best thing is that it is free. Apart from this it had multiple features which can be used and that you won’t find in any competing plugin.


This plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins for online dating and recommended one as it is considered as a premium dating solution. It helps in creating different type of profiles. This plugin can often consider as advance search tool which offers you a lot of filters to have best results. It provides support to user to share contact details and other relevant information.


It is much like a software than a plugin it is completely compatible with WordPress. It is not free and you have to pay for it. However, it offers multiple features which are required by the online dating websites. It has separate roles for user and Admin which are essential. Admin controls are different and provide complete control whether it is front end or back end. It also comes with custom templates so that you can make changes in the front layout.

WP live chat support

It is a must-have plugin which is required by every dating website these days. This plugin will help you create an online side bar or window which enable you to have chat with your contacts. It is made of ajax and you can use caching plugin. The best thing is that it is a free plugin and doesn’t charge you anything at all. It offers all kinds of notification like automatic pop up chat windows.

These are some of the best WordPress plugins for online dating which you can use. But before choosing anyone you have to be really careful and determine the extent of your website. Then you should choose plugins accordingly.

How to choose the right plugin?

Plugins are really essential when it comes to WordPress, if you are beginner then they really help you a lot. There are more 57000 WordPress plugins available which are present in the official plugin directory. Choosing the right one for online dating would be impeccable for the job is sometimes a tough task. This article will help you choose the best plugin for your WordPress website. These are the same things which any professional or expert usually do.

What are the requisites before you start?

If you are looking for a plugin then you should really be aware what is exactly you are looking in a plugin. It would be slightly better if you write it down and have a check list for various desired features which you want your plugins should have.

One important thing which you should keep into consideration is that sometimes you just won’t find all the features in one plugin. Then choose the best according to their relative features.

It’s not very obvious that only one plugin does everything for you and you have to choose multiple of them. You should remember the quality matters and if two plugins are more effective than one. In this case choose two or more to have better results.

How to search for a plugin?

Usually people start searching the WordPress plugin directory to find a suitable plugin for their needs. It has thousands of plugins in it and the only difficulty here is to find the best plugin for your use. However, it is not very sophisticated though and you can always take the help of the google search. The google search will assist you to find the best plugin for your work.

You can use the conventional way by searching the WordPress plugins directory. If you cannot browse then you can search them in the directory.

How to compare plugins?

This the second phase where you compare the same types of plugin with respective to its features and quality. This will help you better determine which plugin would be best for your needs. Like if you require WordPress plugin for online dating then compare apps for the same.

So, if you are looking for advanced and suitable WordPress plugins for online dating website, then you can pick any of the above mentioned options to experience best results.

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