Online dating business success code: 10 ways to reach the top

Starting a online dating business website could be a great idea. There is a lot of potentials to generate revenue from a online dating site because these are in high-demand. You will always find a market of people to join your dating site. However, there are also a few things that you should keep in mind when you are starting a dating website. Just like other successful dating websites, such as, eHarmony and plenty of fish, you should also follow those examples if you want to achieve success for your online dating business website. Here are 10 things that you can do to follow the same examples set up by those other top online dating business websites.

1. Find a way to match your users

Many other dating websites, such as eHarmony, use a personality test to match together their users. And when you make it easier for potential users to find it each, you can generate more interest and activity in your dating website. If your users are able to find other attractive and compatible users on your website, they are more likely to choose paid membership options or even recommend your dating website to people that they know. So you should also do the same things such as eHarmony, and offer a compatibility test to your new users.

2. Create a revenue stream

Your revenue can only be generated if you accept payments and start selling services or products on your dating website. If you want to successfully monetize your dating website’s services, then you had better find a way to generate revenue from your website. You could do it like other dating websites such as or elite singles, wherein you would offer a paid premium membership. That paid premium membership can be made attractive to users on your website if you offer additional features.

3. Serve a successful business niche market

There are plenty of dating websites that serve a niche community. Think about Our Time, Black People Meet, or even Christian Mingle. Many of these dating websites are successful because they have found a target niche and built their services to cater to that target niche. And you can also find the same success with your own website if you choose to serve a particular group or community. Try to focus your aim and build your own website around a single group. If you successfully serve a niche market, then your dating website has got a higher chance of becoming successful.

4. Offer a robust match system

Some users of dating websites just want a quick way to set up casual dates. And for that kind of dating website, there needs to be a strong set of match features that can allow other users to connect with each other. Dating websites such as Be Naughty, conveniently offer location features. So this can allow users to filter out people, who they can find and date, based on their proximity to their current location. And you should also think about offering the same features of other websites, which make it easier for users to find a match.

5. Think of a model of business

Before you even start your dating website, you will need to come up with a business model. This will mean that you have got to choose between either an advertising or subscription model of business. For example, if you want your website to grow then it needs to earn money. And if you are expecting a lot of users to check out your website, it may be a good idea to try out an advertising business model because it may help you earn a lot more money.

6. Tailor your website’s features to match your business model

Is your website a casual or serious dating website? For casual dating website, you will need to create your services that will fit around that same idea, such as by making it easy for users to find each other. Most casual dating websites, such as Plenty of Fish, also offer really quick ways to set up a casual date, such as by offering a messaging system. And if you are going to set up a dating website that is for a serious relationship and not for casual hook-ups, you will also need to create your services and website features based around that. Christian Mingle and other serious relationship dating websites, often require their users to answer in-depth questionnaires, in order to find a compatible potential match with other users. And you should also think about doing the same for your website.

7. Create an environment of quality

There are actually dating websites such as, which kick out ugly people from its communities. You should not do anything that extreme with your own dating website, but you can apply the same process. If you find any users that are serial harassers and trolls on your dating website, you should not be afraid to kick them out of your website, to maintain a good environment for your other users.

8. Advertise your online dating business website

If you would like to actually draw in more users to your online dating business website, you should advertise in certain ways. For example, if you are targeting a niche market such as seniors, you should push ads to senior aged people on the internet.

9. Develop a friendly and welcoming community

One of the reasons why people join a dating website is because of the friendliness of the environment of the website. Therefore, it should be one of your goals to have a dating website which is welcoming to new people. So you should stamp out harassment and enforce strict rules for your dating website.

10. Create an incentive to stay on your website

If you want your users to keep on using your online dating business websites, then you will have to offer an incentive to stay. One great example of this kind of service is Zoosk. Zoosk actually has a daily suggestions page that will match users with any compatible ones around them. This single feature actually makes people want to keep checking the app every day. And if you would also like your website to have the same incentive, maybe you should think about implementing the same features such as Zoosk.

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