Online dating business statistics: numbers that everyone should know

In accordance with online dating business statistics, the online dating industry has come a long way since its first arrival in 2000. The matchmaking service grew modestly in its first few years. With the advancement in technology and the attendant introduced more sophisticated platforms and applications. It has mushroomed into big business. You will find online dating has branched out to include highly specific niche websites. It caters to equally specific user demographics and preferences are matched with geographical breadth.

Also, online dating business statistics show that the most searched dating platform is Badoo. While Badoo is not alone which is operating internationally, it does operate in many countries and offers the most prolific number in different languages. Second most trafficed site is OkCupid. PlentyofFish claims the third spot in top 10 online dating website by traffic volume. Match ranks distant fourth, however, it is the only paid site besides eharmony. It has a tenure of 30 years of operation. Besides, It has a competitive advantage of long-standing brand familiarity and brand loyalty. Users are willing to pay for the service. It has an algorithm which has collected data over decades of operation.

Some of the online dating business statistics:

  • An international social network Badoo is the most popular online dating platform. It has around 38 million direct searched.
  • A second most searched platform is Tinder. It is a geolocalized mobile application. It has introduced the “swipe” feature to indicate interest or not in another nearby user.
  • Badoo a dating website also captures the most search traffic by volume. It is followed by the match groups OkCupid, plenty of fish and its original online dating site, Match.
  • Spring ushers in a renewed interest in romance. It has search traffic to online dating websites budding in March and April and Blooming in May.
  • Facebook overwhelmingly dominates the dating traffic originating from social media. It was around 80% of the total traffic.
  • All the most leveraged emotional triggers in paid ads are those implying credibility and urgency.
  • English Speaking countries like the USA, Great Britain, Australia and Canada has 77% of the world’s online dating site traffic.
  • Direct traffic accounts for approximately around 59%. It is of total online dating traffic. The other traffic (23.5%) is of search, referrals from other websites 14.3%, social media (1.71%) and lastly paid ads at 1.47%.

Sources of traffic for the top online dating website

All the online dating business statistics data indicate that over half of online dating users know about the website they want to use. All the direct traffic accounts for approximately 59% of total online dating traffic. As Russian founded Badoo commands such a lead in both direct and search traffic among all other dating websites.

Emotional triggers in ads

If we see frequency of phrases used in ads shows that it is implying credibility with the word site both dating site and official site are heavily favored. Irresistible word “free”, appealing to human impulsiveness.

It is an industry which is becoming a big business since Match First introduced in 1995. For marketers and the owners of the online dating website trying to capture more business, the dominance of the direct traffic indicates marketing campaigns.

It helps to raise brand awareness. It would be an important part of an overall strategy. Even social media and paid ads are relatively small sources of site traffic. It holds value in augmenting efforts to create brand awareness that can attract unique new site visitors.

Finally, it given that search and referrals from other websites are significant sources of the site traffic. It combines to drive roughly 38% of the total global traffic, investment in SEO with smart optimization. Quality of backlink profile development are good strategies to pursue.

So, online dating business statistics are important when you planning to start online dating business and try to understand how online dating industry and competitors are working.

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