How to start a dating site: maybe Christmas is the perfect time

As per a survey, 1 in 5 people have met their better half at a Christmas party. Well, yes Christmas can be an amazing way to meet people and know them. At this time people are more open to relationships and dating and they are ready to party and get engaged. So, what I am suggesting here is Christmas is the perfect time to start a dating venture if you are looking forward to start one. If you are wondering how to start a dating site, then here are some of the tips for you to indulge in this business.

What kind of dating site should you start on Christmas?

Whether you want to create a site especially for those looking for partners on Christmas or you want to make a site for couples enjoying their vacations or those interested in books or candies, it is completely your decision. The only thing you should focus on is to use the lull to make it work. If it targets the right audience, it will definitely work in the Christmas season.

How can you make your dating site interesting?

As people are on a vacation at the time of Christmas, they may love to complete the compatibility quiz to get better connection depending on their personalities. So, you can make a site which gives your clients matches depending on their interest, likes and hobbies. The higher is the compatibility ratio between people. The better are the chances of them liking one another.

How to make your dating site more intuitive?

Well, because it Christmas, you can probably add some Christmas basics as how would they want to spend their Christmas and possibly the ones sharing the same desire and can match up.

You can also include review of profiles in your paid version so that your client knows he has found the right match.

How to choose the right niche for a Christmas based dating website?

With so many big players in the online dating world, it is very tough to gain traction. However, when you are launching your site near Christmas, then you should fill the needs of your target audience. Remember, the narrower your focus is, the scarcer your audience will be and the lower your income possibility will go. So, use Christmas card on the largest scale to get the widest audience base for you. As Christmas is a global feast, you can surely include people from all over the world for it.

Target each one enjoying the holiday and make them avail the benefits of your website by providing alluring subscription plans, benefits and discounts.

How to decide on a business model while designing a dating website?

Online dating sites for any genre or season work on advertisement or subscription based platform. So, either you go for an ad-free supported website or choose a subscription based model for your dating site. You can provide them offers at the time of Christmas so that more and more people get attracted towards your site.

How to start a dating site with better algorithm?

Think about what your potential user’s value and then rank their matches. Once your algorithm prioritizes your matches in the right way, then your client will find your dating site more appealing. At the time of Christmas, you can definitely include likes and dislikes related to the fest. It will give them a narrower taste of their likes and bring them closer to their date search.

What can you do with your dating site at Christmas to lure in more people?

Who would want to join a dating website with less people! Hence, you should have a strong marketing team and exclusive incentives to get your initial members. Ask your single friends and their acquaintances to be a part of your site. Offer discounted membership to the new members. Once your site is well-populated, you can use Facebook and Google for ads with exclusive Christmas offers.

How does quality control help in enhancing your website quality?

As Christmas is a vacation period, a lot of people join in who are looking for nothing but abusers. Make sure your online site is prepared to cope up with sexual harassers and has the provision for privacy concerns. Have an algorithm to flag sign ups with bad behavior. This will enhance the legitimacy and genuineness of your website. Of course, you can help people what they choose to do during their date, but as long as they are on your site, you are liable.


The festive season is an amazing time to garner some money in online dating business. Once you know how to start a dating site at the time of Christmas you can easily manifest your desire. As people are merrier and more relaxed during this time, they will be more open to looking for partners and enjoy a good dating night.

The larger the pool of singletons, the more likely it is that they will click to find a suitable partner. Stats state that dating website has a great business from Dec 25th to Feb 1st. Dating websites offer access to more potential partners in comparison to other dating methods. So, learn the right way of how to start a dating site and commoditize your potential customers. Surely, you will make hefty profits by the year round and get highest exposure for your website.

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