How to dress-up your dating site for Halloween?

The Halloween month is on and the fever of putting on the Halloween style is there on everyone. Almost everyone these days tend to opt for the Halloween style to celebrate the Halloween month. So as a business, one need to stay one step ahead and dress-up your dating site for Halloween this month. You need to be smart enough to come up with ideas that can give a feel that it is the Halloween.

There are so many ideas that you can get to act on and make sure that the audience is attracted towards your website this Halloween. You should revamp your dating site for Halloween if you are willing to reap the rewards of the Halloween month or else you will lag behind in the race.

Here are some of the ideas that will help you out in attracting the customers towards your website this Halloween.

What about offering Halloween discounts to the members?

The best thing that you can get to do catch the attention of the audience on the Halloween is offering them bumper discounts. It will surely make them to follow your website and become your member. You can offer variety of discounts on various services that will catch the attention of your existing as well as new audiences.

It has been quite an old strategy adapted by the businesses to boost their market and clientele strength. Sit back and discuss with your team about the kind of discounts that you can come up with in the ones that suit your business. You must not stay behind in the race and make sure that you are able to hit the right nodes.

Take inspiration from some of the other top dating site for Halloween if you are having any kind of trouble in putting up the offers and discounts for Halloween. One of the things that you need to be chary about while offering these discounts to the customers is that you shall give them quirky names and make the audience go crazy for your business.

What about hosting a Halloween event?

This is another very smart option that you can get to opt for if you want to make the dating site for Halloween take everyone by surprise. The main aim that you have is to enhance the member participation. Organizing an event based on the Halloween theme is definitely going to do the job for you.

You can opt for the Halloween couple contest, Halloween dating contest or other such events. This will make the audience to devote their time on your website. This in turn will get to boost the ratings of your website and make it quite popular among the people. You can have either a monthly event or daily events and winners based on your choice. This will make your dating site for Halloween one of the most popular ones. It will surely take the user engagement to the next level.

What about making your page theme based on Halloween?

When the Halloween is on, your page shall resemble the same. When a user enters your website, he shall get a feel that Halloween is well and truly on. This is where going for the Halloween theme is going to help you. You shall get in touch with your developer and ask him to help you with exciting themes and plug-ins that are coherent with the idea of Halloween. Here is a look at some of the best plug-ins for Halloween theme:

  • The first option that you have in hand is the Halloween countdown which will add a timer to your website. It will keep reverse counting till the Halloween night. It will give your web a feel of dating site for Halloween.
  • Another smart idea is to go for WP Halloween effects that will add the Halloween effect on your page and make every user remember that Halloween is just upon us.
  • One more good choice is the Halloween pop up card which is making quite an impression these days. It converts your website into the dating site for Halloween with amazing cards that keep popping up while the user is busy streaming through your web.
  • Another smart option is DW Halloween which is simple, attractive and easy to use plug-in for your website. It gives you various Halloween character options for your website that you can chose and paste on your pages. They will keep rolling through the pages and will give the users Halloween experience.

You can also opt for the plug-ins and cards that give a Halloween voice when someone is browsing through the website. Use Halloween sound recording options for voice chatting through your website.

What about delivering one scary suggestion daily this Halloween month?

This is another idea to enhance the user’s engagement on your dating website. If you want to make it dating site for Halloween, just keep on posting one Halloween date or decoration idea suggestion every day that will keep the users interested.

In order to make it even more interesting, take ideas from your users on a daily basis and suggest the same to user on the next day. You shall give credit or some gift to the user who suggested the idea. It will give a new zeal and passion to the users who are on your page. It will make them feel privileged while making others to work for the same.

There are lots of ideas that would help you to get ready your dating site for Halloween. Choose some of them and increase user experience in your site!

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