Geo-Targeting for the success of Dating Sites

Having a Dating Site and surviving in this pool with a number of other giants is a hard task. It is important one knows about all the tools out to make an effective strategy to reach to the right sector of people on the internet. Geo-targeting is one such method used by a lot of online content creators to market their content.

There are a number of ways to market your online content to potential customers. When various content is promoted via social media sites especially, the content creators have the option of narrowing down the target audience to a specific location, also known as Geo-Targeting. Especially in social media platforms such as Facebook, it facilitates the user to create a target audience persona.  A lot of people think Geo-Targeting can be used by only local business. These could be restaurants, stores and other local businesses that target customers around their location. But, this method has proven successful to a lot of other businesses when used to target customers in certain locations. In this article, we are talking about how dating sites operating as an online business can make use of this option to increase their business and the number of people visiting their site. When Geo-Targeting is used to target a set of people in a specified location, it could help engage better with the people in the location, when their town or city is mentioned in the advertisement. They would feel important and that this site is taking some interest in their area.

The methods of Geo-Targeting

Geo-Targeting could be configured in mainly four ways to target audience. The first method is to target everyone in the given location(s). This is determined by the location they have given under ‘current location’ in their social media profile. The next option is to target people who live in the given location. This fraction is determined by the people whose current location is stated as that specific location, using their IP addresses and if their friends have mentioned for them living in this location. The next option is to target people who have recently been to this location. It could be the people who are living there or have recently visited this place. Social media ensures this by monitoring their most recent location via the mobile devices. The last option is to target people traveling to a given location(s). For this option, the social media site will monitor that person’s current location will match the given location, but has traveled this place from greater than 100 miles away. Depending on the marketing strategy the site owner is going forward with, the four configurations discussed above could be utilized.

Geo-Targeting in online dating business

In the context of a dating site, Geo-Targeting can be used in many forms. It is useful in a marketing campaign or in the overall marketing strategy. One method is to use Geo-Targeting to give a discounted membership deal or a discount on the subscription to the online content. The advert can be created in a way which raises the curiosity of the people in the specific locale. Then they will make an effort to check out the deal. Also, as mentioned above they will feel valued as their locality is featured in the advertisement. Another method is when there are any events coming into the region. This could be, for example, a party for the singles to get together and know each other. Geo-Targeting can be used to promote events created by the dating site. A lot of sites with an online presence try to engage with their audience using offline methods. Some of them are parties and get-togethers. The dating sites are at advantage here as they can create events. These could be casual tea meetups or night-club parties for the singles in an area to meet and mingle with other eligible singles in their area. This type of events not only help to promote your site. They also help the site owners to increase awareness of their site to potential users. Geo-targeting is one of the best marketing tools to be used in an occasion like this. Advertisements can be created to promote the event to people living in the area where the event is taking place to raise awareness of the site and the event, which in turn will increase site’s traffic. Another method, however not a direct method of gaining traffic, is to use Geo-Targeting to collect data from the users to mold the content accordingly. However, not a direct method of gaining traffic, when the types of customers are identified and how they differ from location to location is identified, it can be used as a strategy when creating content which are effective to the current as well as potential customers as well. This is an indirect method of marketing the dating site to customers.

If you’ve read up to this point in the article, I’m sure you can understand that Geo Targeting function is not only for local businesses but also for businesses where no location as such is targeted specifically. Especially for businesses such as online sites. This strategy even though cannot be thought as a method which can be used by businesses with an online presence, if formulated correctly into the strategy and is used right, can yield a lot of benefits. Apart from the methods discussed above, Geo-Targeting can be used in many other ways as well. When trying to thrive in a field such as Online Dating where a number of other prominent customers are in, it is important that every possible marketing technique available in the market is used to make the users aware of the site and to lure them in. A lot of online businesses have commented saying that Geo-Targeting has many advantages. It helped them massively to gain market awareness and to bring the user into the site. And this is due to making users feel special by using their locality or location they are visiting. It is important that owners of dating sites are aware of Geo-Targeting and make the maximum use of the option.

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