Dating site member loyalty: ways to make them stay

Online dating websites have become quite popular in the recent times and most of the people make use of these websites to find their ideal partner. But with so many websites these days providing the same facility, people tend to switch from one website to another. Thus, as a brand, you are always in fear that your members will switch to any other brand and you will lose your member loyalty. So, it becomes very important for you to make use of strategies that will make your customers stay with your brand for a long time.

Member loyalty is quite a key aspect for any brand to grow and thus you need to adapt to smart strategies to make sure that your customers do not switch to any other brand. You can come up with smart packages and offers for the existing customers that will make them stay towards your brand.

Here are some of the smart ways in which you can keep your members loyal to your brand and enhance your customer base.

Making use of mobile platform than the physical cards

Most of you tend to reward your loyal customers by making use of the reward cards that help them with some gifts. But most of you tend to make use of physical cards that are tougher to carry and thus the customers may not be able to use them.

Instead, you can send the gift coupons to the mobile of the customers and thus making things easier for you. Most of the people instantly check their mobiles and thus they will notice your offer instantly. So, the chances of customer retention increase by a great margin.

Offering the coupons that offer couples rather than one person

It is also very important for you to offer customers with coupons that offer them a chance to go with someone special in order to get member loyalty.

Most of the companies offer plans such as getting a free gift on 10th purchase or as such. But you shall rather go for the plans that offer them a chance to go with their partner or friends as it makes them happier. It will make them stick to their brand rather than switching to some other brand.

Creating a tree of points for member loyalty program

This is another smart way to retain the customers and many top companies make use of this strategy. You shall offer reward points and cash-back on different times and by collecting a fixed number of points, the customer will become eligible for some exciting offers.

For a dating website, you can offer 10 points on every renewal and after accumulating 100 points, you can offer extended membership along with some other catchy offers. It will help you attract and retain customers for your brand and make sure that your brand stays ahead of your rivals. It will also attract the new customers as they will also be attracted by what they will get by associating with your brand.

Member involvement programs

Another way to enhance the interest of the members in your brand is by coming up with plans that will involve your members. You can conduct the dating programs for your loyal customers at special hotels and make the evening special for them.

You can come with any smart competition and give awards to the winners of the programs. These programs enhance the interest of the customers by a great extend and make them stay loyal to your brand. At the same time, you will also feel that you are serving your loyal members in the right manner as a brand.

Social media deals

This is a two-in-one program that not only helps you to retain your loyal customers but also helps you to enhance your publicity on the social media platforms. It is one of the highly preferred customer retention strategies that is highly popular and has produced results as well.

You shall come up with offers on social media for your members along with competitions that will also enhance members’ participation. Especially for a dating website, it also helps in getting your job done as people tend to interact with each other and they may end up getting tangled.

So there are many smart strategies to retain your dating site member loyalty. Choose wisely and give your members something that your competitors don’t so they want to stay with you for a long time.

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