Dating business ideas: fashionists

Well, the dating business has boomed since 2009. As per an online survey, the dating business alone generated a business of $1.1 billion with 2000 establishments. Regardless of the economic climate, people always want to fall in love, get married and commence a family. Hence, starting a dating business can help a lot of people realize their romantic dreams and provide you a rewarding career with amazing profits. But, do you need a special dating business ideas for fashionists – follower of the modes and fashions? Well, the answer is yes!

Dating business ideas for fashionists: is it potential?

A fashionist dating business is a niche business which has great potential but is also less competitive. It is about fostering relationships and having good business acumen and then doing something for a specific group of people. As you know in today’s time, you have a high section of people who can literally die for fashion. So, having a separate online dating website especially for fashion lovers will genuinely set them apart from the commoners.

How to customize your online dating website or app for fashionists?

Have a user interface and navigation strictly limited to fashion: Keeping the UI and navigation simple is one thing. But, why not add some fashion related accents to your website which attracts fashion lovers. You can include fashion love tabs for different type of people. Set up trending fashion lovers, traditional fashion lovers, creepy fashion lovers tabs and see how many people turn up for your site.

Fashion buddies: Update your website with recent fashions shows and parades as meeting destinations. Who as a fashion lover wouldn’t want to be a part of a high profile fashion show. Set up location tickets for fashion shows on your website for meeting points and you will surely have loads of fashionistas coming up for your site.

Space for pictures and tags

Provide space to include as many pictures and tag your other profiles too. If you are setting up dating business for fashion lovers, then remember one thing, that every fashion lover loves to take pictures. So, allow your applicants to include as many pictures and videos they want to show off their fashion. Get their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook IDs too so that the applicants can have an access to all the account details of the person, they are planning to date.

What are your customers?

For those looking for a career and hookup in the fashion industry, this could be the most amazing opportunity. So, your segments should be divorcees, singles or married. Your segment should be singles looking for fashionable hookup, divorcees looking for fashionable companion or life partner, or insta fashionable matchmaking for oldies. The dating doesn’t have to be limited to opposite pairs. You can even include a section of same pair dating as you see a lot of fashion lovers to be gay too. Also, do not limit the age for signups. As there is no age limit to be in fashion. So, providing any age bar is literally out of context.

Is it possible to make money from this dating business idea?

Include a small subscription fee for all those who want to get hooked up with top notch fashion lovers. Yes, make premium and extra premium packages for different levels so that your applicants know what is the top fashion standard and what is the low fashion standards of your site.

How to ensure good user experience?

Matchmaking business is all about inviting singles to interact with each other. With fashion being your top priority, you can identify suitable events for your people and set up meeting locations accordingly. Set up a particular theme for your candidates so that their fashion sense is effectively revealed in video calls or chat sessions.


Keep the environment of your site more relaxed and dazzling by setting up fashion games, entertainment programs and contests. No matter whether you are setting up a simple business of fashion dating site, you need to treat it seriously. Make a thorough market research and pen down your business plan.

Easy navigation

Make sure the site is easy to access, simple to navigate and has all the functions at the tips. This is one of the most common dating business ideas which is applicable for all types of dating websites.

Swipe right – swipe left

You can offer options like swipe right or left if you don’t like or don’t like the fashion sense of a guy or girl. Give the candidates a platform to chat with common likeness. If two people share similar fashion designers, or have the same taste in colors, then they can always date. You can also offer discounted rates to fashion lovers who wish to be a part of your website. Provide them with discounts rates with the venue owners to keep the hosting costs low.

In conclusions….

If your dating platform is successful enough to bring a chance of attitude in the people, then it has literally struck people right in their heart. Today, more and more people look out for love and companionship in a person who is just like them. And, being a fashion lover does make you unique. With a site, especially dedicated for fashionistas, you will definitely set new standards for fashion lovers. Do not make your site too flashy. Keep it simple with different pastel shade background and dark color tabs.

Every website is unique provided, you use the right way to design and develop it. The above mentioned dating business ideas are perfect for fashionists dating. All you need to do is use them in accordance of needs and demands.

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