In the year 2017, starting a dating website is a great idea. Dating websites have always been popular, and you can easily cash in on that popularity. The popularity of dating websites means that you will get to earn a lot of money through it, from methods such as affiliate links to networks or selling paid premium memberships. There are loads of different ways to earn money from a dating website. And your dating websites will always be popular, because the demand for dating web sites is always high, especially in the coming year of 2017. So now that it’s 2017, you should set up a dating website right now to get a steady income from the internet.

And one way to start a dating website is by creating one using WordPress. WordPress is the best tool that you can use to create websites. This is because WordPress is extremely easy to use. You can quite quickly set up a website using WordPress. And you can do this without even having any knowledge about computer coding or web design. As long as you have an entrepreneurial drive, and you are using WordPress, you can easily set up a dating website with no problem. It is going to be quite easy to open a dating website if you ever use WordPress to do it.

If you are using WordPress to set up a website, you have to know that you have to use specific kinds of plugins to make your dating website work. This means that to have a functional dating website, you have to use plugins. And using WordPress dating plugins is relatively simple. You only have to know which ones to look for and to use the ones with the features that you think that you will need for your website. To use these WordPress dating plugins, all that you need to do is to download them and then install them; it is that easy to use a dating plugin for WordPress.

When you are looking for a dating plugin for your WordPress dating website, you will have to consider a few things before downloading it. By looking at these different factors, you will be able to better choose the right dating plugin for your WordPress website. So think about these factors before you download that WordPress plugin.

1. Features – You should check what kind of features that a dating plugin has to offer before you download it.

2. Compatability – See whether or not a plugin is compatible with other plugins. Many other dating plugins will support the features of one another.

3. Look – You should also take a look at the design of the plugin. It has to have a good design if it is going to be easy to use.

4. Ease of use – A plugin that is easy to use is the ideal choice. If it is hard to use, you may have a difficult time building a website using it.

It is important to consider all of those things before you download and install a plugin. If you are looking for a plugin or theme, that you can use for your WordPress dating website, you have come to the right article. These are the top 10+ WordPress dating plugins 2017. So be sure to check these plugins and themes out if you want to get the latest and greatest WordPress plugins.

Message Ticker
One imperative but overlooked feature in any website is a message ticker. And this plugin should help you easily create one for your dating website. With this plugin installed on your WordPress dating website, you can notify your dating website’s users if there is a new announcement, message or another kind of notification that they have to check.

Profile Builder
Profile creation is an absolute necessity in dating websites. So you have to use a plugin that can let your dating website users easily create their profiles for your website. This means that you have to install this WordPress plugin, because, with this one, your users can set up a profile quite fast.

Message Mate
Your dating website’s users must be able to chat with each other, and with this WordPress plugin installed, they will be able to do just that. Install this WordPress plugin to add messaging functionality to your WordPress dating website. It is easy to use and very functional too.

Gift BuddyPressAddons
Another feature that is a great addition to any dating website is a gifting feature. With this type of functionality, users will be able to send each other gifts. This can allow them to send virtual gifts to other users on the website that they like. And so as a form of virtual flirting, digital gift giving is a must. So with this plugin being used on your website, you will be able to allow your dating website users to send gifts to each other.

WP Easy Paypal Payment Accept
You will need to have some form of payment gateway linking or acceptance form, and Paypal is a very convenient way to accept payments. You can use this plugin to easily link your user’s payments to your dating website on WordPress.

Profile Editor
Your website’s users must have a way that they can change their dating profile. And with this WordPress plugin, they will be able to change various fields of their profiles.

Payment Form for PayPal Pro
This is another WordPress plugin that will allow you to link your dating website to a PayPal acceptance page. So if you need to know of another payment gateway plugin, this is a good one too.

This is a great profile creation plugin because not only does it allow simple profile creation, but it also adds another feature. Website users will be able to form and join groups with the use of this plugin for your dating website.

WP User Groups
When you want your WordPress dating website to be bustling with activity, you will need to allow your users to form groups. And they will be able to form groups with the use of this WordPress plugin.

Chat Room
A chat room will be important if you want your users to talk in large groups. And the only way to create a chat room feature for your WordPress dating website is if you install and use this plugin.

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